'LA Candy' Turns Lauren Conrad into Best-Selling Author

For the last two weeks, reality television celebrity Lauren Conrad has been enjoying her spot on the top of the New York Times Best Seller list. The star of MTV's The Hills has made her way towards a career as an author with her novel, LA Candy.

While she may have already left her show, there's no doubt Conrad is still looking for some attention. Released last June 16, LA Candy follows the life of a girl who moves to the city and eventually becomes the main character of her reality show. It's semi-autobiographical, giving readers a peek of Lauren Conrad's stint on The Hills.

"If someone said to me five years ago when this all started that I would one day make the New York Times Best Seller list I wouldn't have believed it," Conrad told People.com. "I am so honored that it is now a reality."

LA Candy revolves around the 19-year-old Jane Roberts, a character loosely based on the book's author. While it sounds like another round of Twilight, there's something about the novel that makes it stand out more. That is, the author already has an established fanbase prior to the release of the tome.

Even so, Lauren Conrad is no doubt proud of her new endeavor. She's not just this face on television and a fashion designer, but she's also managed to become a best-selling writer. Of course, she'll be dealing with plenty of critics who may not believe her book is worth the hype. Then again, that was the case with Meyer's tome anyway.

"It was such a compliment to be included in something with such established names," Conrad went on. Perhaps her book really is slowly becoming "The Next Twilight."

Whatever happens to Lauren Conrad's career, there will be others who will follow her every step. LA Candy actually isn't the only book that the Hills star has up her sleeve. She's also planning on releasing two sequels in the future.

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