'Army Wives' Season 4, Episode 1 - 'Collateral Damage' Recap (Season Premiere)

After what seemed like more than a year, 'Army Wives' finally returned to Lifetime, picking up pretty much where we left off. That's good news for some, and not such good news for others. With a flash of a gunshot, the season was off and running, with plenty of drama and turmoil. For more on Fort Marshall, the tribe and Roxy's bun in the oven, read on after the jump.

Jeremy's suicide attempt was, fortunately, only an attempt. It would have been horrible if Frank and Denise had walked in to find his brains splattered all over the living room. As it was, he was clearly a mess. The MP took him away in cuffs and he needed a psych evaluation, which was how Roland became his doctor.

Once he was incarcerated, though, it made no sense that as patient he could so easily hide the fact that he wasn't taking the meds. Sure enough, it was discovered, and Roland used the incident to get to the heart of Jeremy's angst - his guilt because he survived when his friend Mark was killed. Given his history - remember when he beat Denise? - he should be required to stay in therapy.

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