'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 13 to Premiere September 9

The day is nearing for the debut of another new season of America's Next Top Model, and there are plenty of reasons to be excited about it. Other than hoping for another crazy theme thought up by Tyra, there's the special twist that many fans await. Cycle 13 is a tribute to the shorties, with contestants who are all 5'7" or under. Come September 9, enthusiasts of the show will flock to The CW for the two-hour premiere.

"There have been top supermodels in the past that weren't as tall as the industry demands, like fashion icon Kate Moss," said series host Tyra Banks earlier this year. "So we are changing up Top Model for Cycle 13 and making it a year for the shorter model!"

The upcoming season of the modeling competition will undergo a complete turnaround in its rules. For the past 12 years the show has aired, it has required contestants to be 5'7" or taller. Now, however, a radical change has been made, causing excitement in both fans and competitors.

Currently, the network is still holding casting calls and auditions for the show. Their most recent stop was at Guam, where more than 15 ladies got busy with submitting photos and filling up registration forms. With the new height requirement, there's no doubt plenty of aspiring models will be adamant in achieving their dreams.

In addition to the news of its premiere, America's Next Top Model will also serve as the lead-in for a new series, beginning on September 16. Following the episodes of the hit reality show is the debut of The Beautiful Life: TBL, a drama produced by Ashton Kutcher. It's a perfect tie-in, since both programs deal with the high-class and cutthroat world of the fashion industry.

Fans of America's Next Top Model are sure to mark their calendars, as the series returns for its 13th Cycle on Wednesday, September 9 at 8pm on the CW. You can also catch the encore broadcast of that week's episode on Fridays at 9pm.

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