'Breaking Bad' Season 3, Episode 4 - 'Green Light' Recap

Even on cable shows that are tightly plotted because of their short seasons, there are sometimes episodes that feel more like they're setting things up for the episodes to come rather than pushing the story arc forward. This week felt like one of those episodes.

I wouldn't classify it as a "throat-clearing" kind of episode, because, even when treading water, 'Breaking Bad' still retains its intensity and sense of drama. But after the first three rollicking episodes, it was interesting to see the show take an hour to collect its thoughts and linger for a little while.

One of the indicators that this episode was destined to amble instead of run was when Walt went to confront Beneke after Skyler laid the "I.F.T." bomb on him the night before. On another show, Walt would have lunged at Beneke and they would have rolled on the floor. Instead, this is real life: Ted cowered in his office while Walter ineptly tried to throw a plant through Plexiglass.

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