Review: Friday Night Lights - The Son Season 4, Episode 5

When you see an episode like this one, you feel bad that Friday Night Lights has been flying under the radar when it comes to Emmy consideration. The performance by Zach Gilford as Matt was the best I've seen on TV since Aaron Paul blew me away with Breaking Bad last summer. Hopefully someone will remember him next year when it's Emmy time, and this is the show that could win it for him. He was just that good. More after the jump on Matt, Vince, Becky and the other Dillon denizens.

There was a lot about family for the characters to deal with. The death of Matt's father was the centerpiece, but Vince also had issues with his mother's addiction. He was riding high after leading the Lions to a couple of scores in the game. The team still lost, but there was at least something to cheer about.

And yet, at home, the water and electricity were off, the milk was sour and his mother was strung out and unable to get into the house without his carrying her. But will stealing cars be the choice Vince makes over football? Peer pressure is part of it, but so is necessity. Vince is in a tough spot, but you know he loves football and would rather be playing than training to be a criminal.

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