Review: So You Think You Can Dance - Top 8 Revealed Season 6, Episode 20

I go into these elimination shows expecting a lot of pad and filler. But when it's a dance show, I want to see dancing; which is why I'm always a little perplexed when musical guests who don't dance show up. This week's musical guest was Snoop Dogg, and I really enjoyed it. And yes, I know that Snoop does little more than bounce and swagger.

It was that either he or the producers were smart about how to put together his stage show. Hip-hop videos are known for dancing, so why not bring that dancing to the live show? Joining Snoop on stage was Quest, a former winner of America's Best Dance Crew, as well as the dance home for three former SYTYCD contestants: Ryan, Dominic and Hok.

What about the results, though? I was surprised that even though we've switched to voting for individual dancers, it was still two couples from last night's performance show that wound up in the bottom.

Before I get to that, I want to talk about how extraordinary the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers was. You know, even though I just used the word 'extraordinary' twice, I'm going to leave that in there because it's the word I wanted to use to describe them before I realized it was already in their name. And it's the perfect word.

What an appropriate name. Synchronized breakdancing -- in slo-mo! -- is a near-impossible task, and this troupe had it. They truly were legion, as I lost count of how many dancers were threading on and off the stage, but I was mesmerized by each and every one of them. The performance was a showcase of almost everything hip-hop, as different dancers represented different styles, and yet it all flowed together seamlessly and beautifully.

Speaking of beautiful, and taking it back to the top of the show, Tyce Diorio outdid himself with that group number. It was easily one of -- if not the best group number I've ever seen on the show. He managed to showcase the individual styles of each of the Top 10. He even took advantage of the marriage in the midst by having Ryan and Ashleigh share a deeply passionate kiss in the middle of the number. Truly, I could have watched that dance go on and on throughout the hour.

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