Review: The Middle Episode 9 - Siblings

Every parent wants their kids to get along. It makes things more peaceful in the house, and you can feel like you must be doing something right. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way. The Heck children are so vastly different in personalities that the three of them bonding naturally is virtually impossible.

Sue is a bit of a dork, Axl is the cool kid and, as mentioned, Brick is ... Brick.

But that's not going to stop Frankie from trying, and dragging Mike along to support her. I'm glad to see Mike's honesty trait remaining strong as he supports his wife while admitting to his kids he has no idea what she's doing or why. And while her efforts didn't necessarily work at first, Mike found a way to bring the kids together. Too bad it was exhausting for the parents.

My mother forced my siblings and I to bond by sending us outside, so we bonded over football in the street as well. I've even used the "Car!" ploy to sneak one past the defense. Only there was no way in hell my parents were going to come out and throw the ball around with us, much less play touch football. I'll give it to Mike and Frankie, they lasted almost a week of doing this nightly.

There were so many little moments throughout this episode that made me laugh. The whole opening sequence when Frankie showed up last and got volunteered to head up the wreath-giving, followed by the explanation of how it was going to be so wonderful, it would ruin her life and home for months to come. Super mom showing up the next day because some parents were concerned they hadn't gotten their wreaths yet was the icing on that particular cake.

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