'Work of Art' finale: Abdi Farah named the next great American artist

It's almost appropriate that the winner of Bravo's "Work of Art," a show that premiered with very little fanfare (though we loved the show), was the show's underdog, Abdi Farah.

The painter and sculptor has struggled a lot through the competition with last-minute inspirations, half-baked pieces and basically running in the middle of the pack. He was very seldom the winner, but he also wasn't the worst. So, he continued to move on.

Through the competition, though, he stayed very self-aware, knowing that he wasn't quite meeting his potential. And when it comes to artistic talent, sometimes that incubation period is just what one needs to create that wow-inducing piece that has been waiting to make its debut.

With Abdi's finale show, it seems that he hit that stride. His images of race and class with religious overtones captured in sculptor, sketch and photography seemed to hit all the right buttons and highlight his broad skills. Not to mention, he lucked out with a guest judge like David LaChappelle, whose own pop photography touches on the same topics.

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