Sons of Anarchy: Gemma Won't Let Them Win

If there's one thing I've learned on Sons of Anarchy, it's never to underestimate Gemma. She may have suffered in last week's second season opener but she remains solid as ever. Not that being brutally raped doesn't take a toll on her. It does and we see it all in "Small Tears," which opens with a cold and helpless Gemma on the floor of an abandoned warehouse while Katey Sagal gives her own rendition "Ruby Tuesday" on the background. It's disheartening and outright haunting.

Putting the interest of SAMCRO above everything else, Gemma keeps her mouth shut to Clay, Jax and the rest of the gang but enlists the help of unlikely allies, Uncer and Tara, who take their vow of silence as well. My first thought upon seeing a fragile and bruised Gemma was how on earth will they keep this from Clay? Leave it to Uncer to think of a clever way to conceal what happened. Uncer makes it look like Gemma got into a car accident and, with the help of good doctor Tara, the club immediately buys the alibi.

From the previews, I couldn't imagine why Gemma would not seek revenge after going through such a horrible experience. She's always been tough and doesn't shy away from violence. But now I understand that, in a way, keeping quiet is her vengeance because telling Clay what happened is exactly what LOAN wants. And she simply explains this to Uncer by saying, "What those animals did was to hurt Clay, Jax. Anyone finds it out, they win. I can't let that happen."

While it looks like Gemma has everything under control for now, it's only a matter of time before LOAN figures out yet another move to tear down the club. Meanwhile, the tension between Clay and Jax hasn't melted one bit. Jax's attempt to pin Opie's murder of the Mayan gang member on the One-Niners blows up in his face when SAMCRO gets caught in a shootout, prompting Clay to give Jax a warning about his hasty decisions. On the other hand, Opie is on a dangerous path, trying to destroy every Mayan he encounters, and not seeming to care if this ends his life in the process.

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