Who Should Michael Hire Next?

The last two episodes of The Office have taken the series into an unexpectedly hilarious direction. After gathering enough courage to face the workday, Michael Scott finally assembled his dream team and set up shop at their new headquarters: a small office space (technically a closet) in the same building as Dunder Mifflin's office. With Pam closing her first account ever as a salesman, The Michael Scott Paper Company seems to be off to a good start. Then again, it's too early to tell. And becoming the frontrunner of the paper industry is still a long shot, let alone surviving the presently depressed economy. But this is The Office, a world where you can play pranks at your co-workers, get away with wearing a tux at work or get promoted in spite of lack of managerial skills, so anything is possible. Still, one sale won't be enough and Michael (Steve Carell) won't be able to succeed with only Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Ryan (B. J. Novak) on board. The question is: Who should Michael hire next?

There's a huge chance that The Michael Scott's Paper Company will dissolve quickly but before Michael realizes that he's way over his head, I've decided to list some of the possible characters who might come on board Michael's train. And hopefully, we'll see him employ other Dunder Mifflin employees in due course, including the love of his life, Holly.


Jim (John Krasinski) may be a bit of a slacker at work but he's a pretty sensible guy - smart enough not to make impulsive decisions like Pam pulling a Jerry Maguire. However, things are not so smooth between him and the new boss, Charles (Idris Elba), and with Pam (his only reason for staying at Dunder Mifflin) out of the office, he has a pretty good reason to sign up with Michael's company. Perhaps this could even bring a whole new light to Jim and Dwight's (Rainn Wilson) competitive relationship as they'll be direct rivals.


As much as I'd like Michael to hire Jan, who'd probably be back with a vengeance and would make a pretty good Dunder Mifflin adversary, actress Melora Hardin won't be back for the remaining episodes of the fifth season. As reported previously, she's already signed on to play the female lead of FX's drama pilot called Lights Out. But she's still expected to guest star in one or more episodes of The Office next season though it might be wishful thinking that The Michael Scott's Paper Company will last that long.


If Michael Scott had a soul mate it would definitely be HR rep Holly Flax (Amy Ryan). I adore Holly as she left a memorable impression as the major dork who has a sense of humor much like that of Michael. Producer Greg Daniels already confirmed that we haven't seen the last of Holly (and she might even end up as a series regular) so I'm hoping that she'll resurface in the near future to join Michael's mission.

Whether Michael hires more people or not, The Michael Scott's Paper Company remains an interesting plot on The Office, and I'm going to savor every scene in the windowless office with a vent in the ceiling from the bathroom of the second floor where periodic flushing is heard, as well as Toby's odd conversations about Damages, which makes the situation much worse for Michael. Meanwhile, you can read more about The Michael Scott's Paper Company by visiting their website.

The Office airs every Thursday at 9pm on NBC.

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