The Mentalist: The Next Level, Finally!

Life on The Mentalist front has been slow lately, so I was kinda happy to see something written about the show, for once. Then again, it's possible spoilers from Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, and you know how I am with spoilers that I don't really need. Then again, it's something that (a) is inevitable, and (b) should happen any time soon, so I didn't have complaints. And in case you haven't figured it out from the article's title, or at the very least, the photo...

...oh, finally, the next level for Rigsby and Van Pelt!

It is inevitable, isn't it? I mean, these two have been hitting on each other in the most subtle of ways for most of the first season. Jane is, of course, on it. Cho is, of course, on it. Heck, I'm guessing even Lisbon is on it. The only thing left to do is for the two of them to actually do something, apart from slight mentions during meetings and those little gestures, like when Rigsby was really sick.

"[They] will take their courtship to the next level," series creator Bruno Heller said. "We've been working toward this. The push and pull of should they or shouldn't they is a big part of their dynamic in the office."

Is it slightly painful, indeed, seeing both of them go from one direction to the other. Makes some people's hopes for a Jane-Lisbon hook-up possible (and I sure hope it doesn't happen).

"But once they do take it to the next level, that presents a whole fresh set of problems for them: Who do they tell? Can they tell anyone? What happens when the bureau finds out?"

Right, because Van Pelt isn't willing to lose her job nor compromise what she believes in. And Rigsby, well, I don't think he's ready either. He's not willing to hurt his one true love by pursuing his feelings, that's for sure.

Wait a minute. The Mentalist is not a love story!

So there's this other bit of detail from Ausiello, about whether Jane will finally get his hands on Red John in the second season. Heller's answer was simple: "I think finding Red John is a lifetime's journey. But never say never."

Honestly, I don't want to see Red John caught, because once they do, The Mentalist is over--unless they can imagine a new recurring antagonist that has personal ties with the team, like Red John does with Jane. I know Jane is crazy sometimes, but his best moments are when he turns serious and unstoppable, in that cocky way.

And then there's the fact that Lisbon's team loses the Red John case when Sam Bosco, played by Terry Kinney, comes in. So if Red John does get caught, it won't be in Jane's hands, and that is not a fulfilling end to the storyline.

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Sep 4, 2009 12:58PM EDT

haha this is such a tv show. She is WAY out of his league in real life lol.

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Sep 4, 2009 12:59PM EDT

well unless he was loaded or famous, which he isnt (in the show) ;)

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