Hello, Slightly Underappreciated 'CSI' Characters

"Good point," I thought, when I read someone's question to the folks at TVGuide.com. "Is there any scoop for Greg on CSI?" it went. "We've heard something about everyone else but him."

And indeed, there hasn't been much on Greg. Same goes for CSI: Miami's Ryan, a fact that I remembered when someone asked me for details about the half-forever outsider of the MDPD crime lab. So I'm going to make this an appreciation of sorts, for the slightly underappreciated characters in the CSI franchise. Sorts, because I don't have info on everyone, I'm afraid.

So yes, what I said a few days back about me having no new news on Jonathan Togo's character in the Sunshine State still stands. With the CSI: Miami storyline still focused on Delko's fate, I don't think people will look elsewhere at this point.

The folks at New York, however, are pretty much well-loved. Danny is, of course, going to be bound on a wheelchair (the clues are here, if you haven't seen them). Hawkes, it seems, is getting more screen time, with an upcoming episode focusing on him and something that he did. Adam... oh, right, there's Adam. One of my favorites off CSI: NY is slightly underappreciated, too. And I don't have much on him, either, but he'll be around.

Which brings us to Greg, the character at the center of that question I mentioned earlier. Back in Las Vegas, life revolves around either Sara's return or Langston settling in, and perhaps Catherine giving Nick a promotion. But Greg, well, I haven't seen him much over the past few months, and even the photos for the season premiere don't have much of him.

And it seems Greg himself will feel that feeling. Executive producer Naren Shankar says Greg will wonder about where he stands in the team, especially now that Sara is back. In the end, his complaining will get him a new job.

No, don't fire him!

No, I guess that's not what they mean. But consider this: I don't think Sara's directly replacing Riley. Maybe that's where Greg is headed? Something along those lines?

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