Terry O'Quinn is Shopping Around a New Show with Michael Emerson

Would you watch a 'Lost' spinoff? Not one that would focus still on the island (perhaps with different castaways) but one that took a couple of characters and gave them new lives and new jobs in another city? Terry O'Quinn is shopping one around that would star him and Michael Emerson (Ben).

The show's tentative title is 'I'm Ben, He's Locke!' and it would feature the two men living a completely different life off of the island. The two find themselves divorced, living in New York City, and various circumstances bring them together as roommates. Can two divorced men who used to live on a mysterious island and traveled through time and later one was taken over by a smoke monster and the other one killed his rival share an apartment, without driving each other crazy?

OK, all of that's a lie. The story that O'Quinn is shopping around is about two hit men who live in the suburbs who have to keep their secret lives hidden from their families while dealing with various problems both domestic and professional. Hey, I'd watch that. O'Quinn and Emerson are two of the best actors on TV right now.

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