Recap Charmed: Season 3, Episode 19 - The Demon Who Came In from the Cold

In P3, we see Piper, Leo and Prue standing at the bar when Phoebe walks up to them. Phoebe says that she doesn't think they're going to be able to make it to the movies in time, although Leo and her sisters reassure her that they have been in tighter jams than this before. Prue says her plan about how they can make it to see Faithless in time, but Leo says that he thought they were going to go and see a thriller, not a foreign film. Now that Piper and Leo are married, Piper refers to it as the power of four, where Piper and Leo vote together against Prue and Phoebe, coming out to a tie. Phoebe says that she doesn̢۪t want to see a thriller because she will be reminded of Cole and his demon-dodging. But, when Leo looks at the entrance to P3, he sees Cole coming down the steps and knows that Phoebe will want to spend time with him rather than watch a movie. Phoebe meets Cole halfway to the bar and they hug and then kiss. Cole says it's good to be back when they reach Leo, Piper, and Prue, and that he would rather spend some time alone with Phoebe than be the tie-breaker to a movie. Phoebe is fine with this and the two leave, meaning Prue is stuck watching the thriller.

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