Recap Charmed: Season 3, Episode 20 - Exit Strategy

Raynar and the brotherhood keep Cole on ice while Phoebe frets what his absence might mean. Raynar continues to probe Cole’s mind for information and learns of his connection to the Charmed Ones.

Meanwhile, Piper and Leo plan a trip to Paris. He wants to orb them there, but she insists on going like any normal couple. Therefore, he’ll need a passport. After a quick correction to his birth certificate shaving off fifty years, they’re headed for the passport office. As they wait in line, Leo is called and in her frustration, Piper is waving her hands about and blows up the wall clock.

Raynar wakes Cole up and as a test of his loyalty, he instructs him to take a powerful amulet from a witch. He goes to Phoebe and tells her what he has to do. He leaves her and finds the witch and gets the amulet without harming her. But after he leaves, Raynar arrives and kills the witch.

Back at the manor, it is revealed that in her agitated state, anything that Piper waves her arms at explodes. Leo goes to find out what is wrong with her.

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