Recap Charmed: Season 3, Episode 21 - Look Who's Barking

Prue and Phoebe dance around the subject of Cole while Piper hides in the basement, afraid that her new-found power could hurt someone.

Elsewhere, a man sits in a darkened room looking through a photo album, mourning his late wife. Things start to shake and his windows shatter as a ghostly woman comes through the window and screams in his face, killing him.

The sisters hear of the death and while adding to Cole's page in the book of shadows, Phoebe has a premonition that a young girl is next. She assumes that Cole is the killer. Prue is not so sure, but she and Phoebe use magic to call Cole to the manor, but it doesn't work.

While Leo tries to convince Piper that she is more than capable of handling her new powers, we see Cole with an alchemist, trying to lessen his human half.

After investigating the crime scene, Prue realizes that the other side of Cole's page that Phoebe was holding when she had her premonition features a Banshee. There is no vanquish, but there is a tracking spell which turns Prue into a dog.

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