BETTER WITH YOU ''Pilot'' Review Episode 1

Tonight ABC premiered its new show BETTER WITH YOU. This show revolves around three couples - Mia and Casey, Maddie and Ben, and Vicky and Joel. Mia and Maddie are sisters and Vicki and Joel are their parents. Mia just met Casey seven weeks ago, Maddie and Ben have been together nine years, and Vicky and Joel have been married for 35 years. It is like three generations of couples despite the fact that Mia and Maddie are only four years apart.

Once I found out who would be starring in this show, I knew I would have to tune in. Mia is played by Joanna Garcia, formerly of Reba. Maddie is played by Jennifer Finnigan who I immediately recognized and knew I loved even if I couldn't remember where I saw her. Turns out I still don't know even after reading her prior TV appearances. Regardless, I love her. Am also a huge fan of Debra Jo Rupp who plays Vicky and was formerly the mom on That 70s Show. With a cast like that, I had high hopes.

I was not disappointed. Better With You was cute and funny. The humor was right on and Joanna Garcia and Jennifer Finnigan played their parts well and their respective boyfriends were complimentary to their roles. I loved the interaction between the family and Debra Jo Rupp was as funny as ever.

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