Recap Charmed: Season 3, Episode 22 - All Hell Breaks Loose

The Charmed ones get away from Shax (the source's assassin) and go to the Manor and try and protect their innocent (a Doctor). While their Phoebe goes to look in the BOS for a way to vanquish him, Shax attacks and knocks both Prue and Piper through a wall. He then goes for the Doctor but Phoebe comes down from the attic reading the vanquishing spell which doesn't kill him but hurts him enough to flee. Phoebe sees both her sisters on the floor unconscious and bleeding. She calls for Leo who heals them both and tells them they almost died.

Prue and Piper run out into the street looking for Shax. In a tornado-like wind he appears and attacks them. Prue deflects his attack and Piper blows him up. They go back to the Manor questioning if he's really gone. While they're walking away we see a reporter and her camera man. They have just shot the whole thing on LIVE television.

Back at the manor they talk to the Doctor who promises to keep what he saw a secret. After the Doctor leaves Prue again questions if Shax was really vanquished. So Leo goes and checks with the Elders. Meanwhile Phoebe asks her sisters to send her to the underworld so she can reverse the evil spell on Cole and turn him back to good.

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