The Real Housewives of New York' Season 3, Episode 9 Recap: Special Delivery!

I love the way Bethenny pretended not to know how to log on to Perez Hilton. If I believed her ignorance for half a second, I would applaud it - the fewer people who know or care, the better off humanity will be. But this woman is a shrewd public figure, who has parlayed a choice turn in a reality TV show into a best-selling brand. Girl knows her way around a gossip site. All that said, how could one not feel terribly sorry at the way her happy news was announced so prematurely to the world? Her disbelief seemed genuine, and Jason's anger and dismay may have been the most authentic emoting ever to go down on the franchise. He looked like he was going to pop with rage, pissed that there would no longer be a joyous and intimate dinner with his parents. Bethenny, somewhat confusingly, decided she had to come out with the news. (Why?) Perhaps Jason could get his parents to New York that evening? 'I'm not inconveniencing my parents because of some asshole blogger,' he said. I'm liking this good guy more and more every week!

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