Lost Season 6, Episode 3: "What Kate Does" Review

"What Kate Does" slows the pace down significantly from last week and focuses on telling a character-driven story. This is a welcome change; especially after the heavily plot-driven season five. However, with questions to answer and so much ground to cover during this final season, a better balance between plot and character wouldn't have been such a bad thing.

The mystery surrounding Sayid's resurrection was frustrating. Dogen (Hiro Sanada) and his hippie side kick continue to skirt questions with vague and misleading answers while Jack and his crew fail to ask the really important questions. It's bad enough when the mysterious newcomer is withholding information but it's even worse when those seeking answers fail to ask the appropriate questions. Then again, why do I ever expect this of Lost? Maybe if the good guys were straight with each other, they could solve their problems a lot faster.

Jack's decision to swallow the pill revealed a desperation from the survivors' fearless leader. He's led men and women to their deaths and it's weighing on his soul. Part of me wants to believe that Jack knew the pill contained a poison and he really didn't care what happened. Jack has travelled through time and set off a hydrogen bomb in the middle of a mysterious island yet he still hasn't managed to find a way to return his people home. It's a defining experience for Jack, who is learning a lot about what it means to be a leader. Dogen said it best when he explained why he used an interpreter to speak with his followers. It keeps him separate from those who may not agree with his orders. As angry as Jack is at himself he has to learn to put trust in himself and the decisions he makes.

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