Recap The Young and the Restless: Tuesday, July 27, 2010

At the jail, Daniel can’t afford Abby’s bail, but Jack shows up and pays it. Jack, Daniel and Abby overhear that Patty escaped the hospital and Jack rushes off to make sure Emily is safe. Later, Abby informs Ashley that Brad’s house belongs to her and she wants Ashley to move out.

Paul finds the note that Patty left for him in her room. Paul informs officials that he is convinced Adam is responsible for Patty’s disappearance. Paul confronts Adam who claims to be clueless about Patty missing. Later, Skye asks Adam if he actually killed Hightower. Owen informs Paul, Emily and Jack that Adam and Skye have airtight alibis and that the only fingerprints that were found on the ventilation system were Patty’s. Jack is upset when Emily chooses to help search for Patty.

Mac’s depression continues to grow as she continues to miss the twins. Lily and Cane receive news that the twins are doing better and Lily is being released from the hospital. Mac gets upset when she learns Lily is being released and will leave the babies in the hospital.

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