Recap Angel: Season 4, Episode 21 - Benediction

Unable to contact Angel, the gang starts to plan a search, but it's unnecessary as he returns to the hotel. He informs them that he found Connor and they talked, but Angel's battle wounds tell a much more violent tale to his friends. He adds that Connor wants to be known as Steven and that he has an open invitation to come back. They worry about something other than Connor escaping from the portal before it was closed. Meanwhile, Connor gets a room at a motel for Holtz and himself.

Connor gets a newspaper and then forces food from a vending machine before returning to the motel room and Holtz. Holtz takes the paper and realizes how little time has passed since his departure to Quor-Toth. They talk about how Connor found the way to this dimension by forcing the slug demons to lead the way and Holtz following his son through the dimensional tear. Holtz accepts that Connor wanted to see his real father and reminds Connor that he has never been anything but truthful with his son.

Holtz instructs Connor to go spend time with Angel so he can learn Angel's dark tricks. Lorne brings Fred a crystal for a Geiger counter to be used to search for any traces of something that may have escaped from Quor-Toth. Cordelia goes upstairs to check on Angel while a wounded Groo watches her. She finds him taking his aggressions out on a punching bag and tries to talk to him about Connor. Lorne talks with Groo about Angel's behavior with Connor and Groo relates Lorne's comments about Angel and Connor to his own situation with Cordelia.

Cordelia listens to Angel talk about Connor and how much he regrets how much time he lost with his son. Wesley fixes himself a meal, but is distracted when his computer signals that he has a new message. The message includes only an address and instructions to come alone. Fred leads the way around the hotel with the Geiger counter and the gang following her as she searches for hot spots. The tool leads her directly to Connor who's standing at the front doorway. Cordy gets a vision about a woman in danger at a bar and starts to shout at Angel as she feels as if she's actually in the bar and trying to talk over the crowd. Angel gets her to quiet down and give him the directions

Wesley looks down at people dancing at a bar and finds that Lilah sent him the invitation. She informs him that she's arranged for Justine and a group of vampires to be at the bar at the same time so Wesley could see her killed. Wesley starts to leave and he discovers that it was all a setup to test him and his loyalties. Angel tells Connor how to handle the fight as they enter the bar and look for the vampires. Angel and Justine spot each other and Justine tries to bolt, but several vampires grab her and the fight begins. Connor rushes to Justine's rescue at the bar while Angel fights with others. From upstairs, Wesley and Lilah realize that it's Connor accompanying Angel in the fight. Angel and his son take on several vampires together while a crowd watches, but one tries to escape and Connor sneaks outside into an alley after it.

Angel shows up in time stake the vampire Connor followed and reminds his son that vampires are capable of being very quiet. Angel is proud that his son can handle himself so well in a fight. The two play fight together while Holtz watches from a balcony above. Back at the hotel, Angel brags about Connor's skills to Cordelia and she reveals that she was able to go back into her vision and watch Angel and Connor together. Holtz tells Connor that he needs to be with Angel because Connor can only find answers to his questions through Angel. Connor is not happy with the idea and leaves angry. Fred and Gunn follow the Geiger counter in Gunn's truck to a motel where they spot Connor leaving the motel and then see a much-older Holtz shut the door after him.

Connor shows up at the hotel and Lorne tries to escort him to Angel, but Connor refuses to go anywhere with a demon. Lorne has a hard time controlling himself when Connor insults him but Cordelia shows up in time to break it up. She sits Connor down and tries to explain that some demons are good, but when she confesses to being part-demon herself, Connor jumps on her and raises a knife threateningly. In response, Cordelia starts to glow white, enveloping Connor with the glow as well. The blade of his weapon dissolves and she comforts him as he suddenly breaks down into tears. Later, she reveals that she released the darkness and Quor-Toth from Connor.

Angel talks with Connor and talks him into staying at the hotel. Connor subtly informs Angel that Holtz came with him and the return of Fred and Gunn confirms that. Angel asks Gunn and Fred to take Connor out to someplace that isn't dark for a few hours. Cordelia talks to Angel and while she doesn't care if he kills Holtz, she tries to convince him that he shouldn't lie to Connor about where he is going. Justine finds Holtz at the motel and the two talk about his time at Quor-Toth. He reveals his love for Connor and asks her to do him one last favor.

Gunn and Fred introduce Connor to the ocean and let him have a little bit of time alone at the water's edge. They talk about Angel going to visit Holtz and what he might do to the man. Although he was a good distance away, Connor suddenly turns around after his super hearing allowed him to hear their conversation and then runs off, leaving a shocked Gunn and Fred behind at the beach. Cordelia closes up at the hotel and prepares to leave when a figure descends the stairs. She goes on about how happy she is to see him until she finds that it isn't Angel—it's Groo.

Angel pays Holtz a visit at the motel and is quick to threaten violence. Holtz reminds him though that he took good care of Connor and didn't kill him in the name of vengeance and Angel relaxes a bit. They talk about their crimes against each other and the reasons for it. Holtz explains that Connor should be with Angel because Holtz is too old to offer what Connor needs. He gives Angel an envelope with a letter in it for Connor and Angel to read. Angel accepts the letter and leaves as Holtz warns him that Connor will protest, but he'll never be able to find Holtz if he tries.

While Connor runs to the motel, Angel parks his car and reads Holtz's words. The letter explains Holtz's need to let go of Connor because it is the best thing to do and Connor will hopefully appreciate it later in life. In the parking lot outside the hotel, Justine begs Holtz to change his mind, but he insists she go through with what he wants. She uses an ice pick to stab him twice in the neck and he dies with his final word, "Steven." Connor finally reaches the motel, but instead of finding Holtz in the room, he finds him lying dead in Justine's lap, two puncture marks in his neck. With great confidence, Connor assumes, "Angelus."

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