How I Met Your Mother Season 5, Episode 3: "Robin 101" - Recap

In this week's episode, a clueless Barney taps into Ted's vast array of knowledge about all things Robin in order to be a better boyfriend. But how will Robin feel when she finds out about this arrangement?

Robin tells Ted and Lily that she's not sure this whole relationship thing with Barney is really working out. Out of habit, he still tries to sneak out in the middle of the night. And he's not really there for her during the tough emotional times. She's worried that Barney doesn't have what it takes to be boyfriend material.

Ted takes note of this, and later, at MacLaren's, he relays Robin's misgivings to Barney and encourages him to try harder to be there for her emotionally. Barney agrees, except: "This is just me, but I like my testicles attached to my body rather than rolling around next to some eyeliner in Robin's purse. Stinson out!"

Nevertheless, Future Ted tells us that over the next couple of weeks, Barney pulled a complete 180 and became a super-thoughtful and considerate boyfriend. So of course, Robin gets freaked out and thinks that Barney is cheating on her. She tells Lily that he's been "working late" a lot lately, but he's never actually at work when she calls. Robin is so convinced that Barney is being unfaithful that she wants to break into his briefcase and rummage around for evidence. Lily thinks this is a bad idea and very un-Robin. But the second Lily's distracted, Robin uses a sledgehammer (they keep a sledgehammer in their apartment?) to break open the briefcase. She finds a college notebook, and her first thought is that Barney is cheating on her with a college girl. But as she begins reading through it, she realizes that it includes very detailed notes about her. "Why would Barney have a notebook full of information about me?" Robin wonders.

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