RESCUE ME ''Good-Bye'' Review Season 6, Episode 9

Tommy and Sheila find themselves in hot water with Janet and Mickey and realize the truth about their own relationship. Damian attempts to leave the crew, but is seduced back by the camaraderie of the brotherhood.

This episode of Rescue Me “Good-Bye” starts with an uncomfortable bang and ends with an expletive. Which is a lot like Dennis Leary’s entire shtick if you think about it. The end of this episode is the build up I’ve been talking about for the last couple of reviews, the something missing. For the jaded, it might be a little easy to spot, but I think a good job of misdirection was done if you haven’t been taken notes over the course of the season.

Early on, Gavin and Sheila fumble about explaining exactly how half-naked kissing isn’t what it looks like. Fortunately for them both, their significant others are familiar with their past and seemingly expected this exact turn of events. But that doesn’t mean they get off the hook so easily. Especially Gavin, of course. He never gets off easily.

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