WHITE COLLAR ''Prisoner's Dilemma'' Review Season 2, Episode 7

A rogue FBI agent is on the run from the US Marshals in tonight's episode of WHITE COLLAR, called Prisoner's Dilemma. Thanks to Neal's immense knowledge about how to elude the Marshals, they ask him to help. The rogue agent, accused of selling witness locations during criminal trials, used to work with Peter and knowing the man is one of their own, he takes it personally, wanting the FBI to be the agency that catches him. When Peter finds out that the leader of the Marshals, a man named Deckard, is actually the one who sold the witness locations and is trying to frame a fellow agent for it, he decides to go on the lam too. Going so far as to steal a Lamborghini along the way, and seeking refuge from Mozzie for a little while.

Meanwhile Neal and Jones are stuck with Deckard, following behind as Peter and Franklin (with the help of Mozzie) send the Marshal on a wild goose chase, all designed to pit him against one of his partners and force a confession out of both of them. The move is known as a prisoner's dilemma, which is where the episode got its name.

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