One Tree Hill Season 7, Episode 4: "Believe Me I'm Lying" - Recap

Nathan's rumored affair has hit the tabloids and it's time for him to face the music. As soon as the story breaks, Nate's son, Jamie, sees the tabloid detailing the sordid story of Nathan, Renee and their supposed love child in the grocery store. Poor Jamie gets picked on by his friends, who laugh that he's going to be getting a brother or sister, but Nathan assures him the only sibling he'll ever get in the future will be from his mom and dad.

Brooke has a fashion show to debut her new line, and although Millicent is in charge, Brooke brings in a little help - Victoria. B and V get along better than we've ever seen, but V. Davis still had no shortage of harsh and humorous, words. "So you're the former actress we're overpaying" she says to Alex, who quips, "Oh right, Millie told me all about you. You're the evil bitch who used to be important here and now you're just an evil bitch." Victoria also wastes no time assuming the motherly role by warning her daughter about keeping Alex away from Julian. When Alex admits to Julian that she wrote the script she gave him, he agrees to work with her on it. Victoria knows she's no good, and even though Brooke claims Julian is a good guy, Victoria warns her that Alex has probably wrecked a few good guys in her day.

Backstage, one of the models named McKenna bashes Millicent, telling her she doesn't belong there (of course not realizing she was running the show). To get back at her, Alex gives her a few pills, and soon enough, the model who ran her mouth is passed out. As a replacement, Alex suggests Millie walk the runway and Brooke agrees. Right before she's about to take the stage, Millicent freaks out that she's not a size zero. This sparks Brooke's imagination, and when Millie gets out on stage, she's in a long jacket. Alex rips the jacket open to reveal a tank stating, "Zero is not a size." Millie not only was a fabulous replacement, but also made a statement for Clothes Over Bros.

Mouth's night doesn't go as well. When he tells his boss that he refuses to report on the rumors about his buddy Nathan, his boss pulls a fast one and adds it to the teleprompter. Instead of reading it, Mouth goes to commercial and makes his boss furious. Mouth walks out, and I'm not too sure that he'll still have a job when he returns.

Meanwhile, at Haley's urging, Quinn tells her estranged husband David how she feels. When he asks, "Is this the part where you tell me you love me but you're not in love with me?" she's silent and eventually tells him they should get a divorce. Not wanting to give up, David later storms into Tric, confronting Quinn. When the argument heats up, Clay steps in and knocks him out. Although they later talk, Quinn tells David he has to let her go and then gets into Clay's car. "Where to?" he asks. "Your place," she responds. We can all guess what happens next.

At the end of the night, Haley walks out to her car only to be confronted by Renee - the woman claiming to have slept with Nathan. Renee tries to tell Haley that Nathan doesn't love her and told her so when they were sleeping together. When she steps over the line, Haley slaps her and knocks her to the ground. Unfortunately, the paparazzi catch it and when Renee yells, "You're going to pay for that one," I'm worried that there will be more conflict to come to the Scotts.

Do you think Renee is telling the truth?

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