HAWTHORNE ''No Exit'' Review Season 2, Episode 10

A construction accident wreaks havoc soon after the inspection committee arrives to decide whether James River should stay open on the No Exit season finale of HAWTHORNE. The hospital’s shiny new super-duper scanner crashes from about fifty feet in the air causing a domino effect of electrical explosions, power outages, and injuries. Candy is hurt in one blast while Gail collapses in a supply room. Christina and Tom lead the rest of the staff in solving each crisis as it comes, but one inspector wants to shut the hospital down anyway. She’s vetoed by the inspector who had been shadowing a totally on her A game Christina all day. Throughout the melee, Steve and Bobbie share secrets, Brenda bickers with Ray while he pines for Candy, and Tom and Christina make their way back to each other, leaving Erin in the dust. Oh, and Christina is pregnant.

This is a chaotic, jam-packed episode that works pretty well until the last few minutes, so long as you can suspend disbelief that an inspection would continue while a hospital is evacuated. Let’s start with the weaker parts. Brenda was over-the-top nasty with Ray, though I love her impatience with mean girl nurse Judy and she’s classy getting Ray into Candy’s ambulance. What has happened to Ray, anyway? He’s just a lovesick fool now, and he used to be interesting. Sadly, I don’t care about Candy’s fate since her character hasn’t done much this season. Kelly doesn’t have much to do in No Exit, though she does help Justin of the unlucky Adams family.

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