Recap Angel: Season 4, Episode 3 - The House Always Wins

Angel secretly watches from the roof of a nearby building as Connor stakes a vampire; higher above, Cordelia shouts that he should be focusing on how to rescue her from her boring life as a higher power. When Fred and Gunn confront Angel on the issues of Connor and Cordelia, Angel realizes that he has been making life difficult for his friends and to make up for that, he decides to take them on a trip to Las Vegas.

They arrive at the Tropicana Casino, where Lorne is headlining, complete with scantily clad back-up singers known as the Lornettes. As Lorne moves through the room having audience members sing along, he ignores Angel and the others - and snubs them again when they try to approach him after the show. As Lorne rests in his private suite guarded heavily by security guards, he receives a visit from his employer and casino owner, Lee DeMarco. Lorne is forced to identify the futures of the people who sang in the audience. Meanwhile, back in L.A., Wesley has phone sex with Lilah, while simultaneously conducting business with his clients. At the casino, Gunn and Fred play Blackjack while Angel worries about Lorne. One of the Lornettes offers one of the singing audience members from Lorne's show, Vivian, a special chip to play in a Spin to Win game. Fred continues to worry about Angel and Lorne so Gunn decides they should investigate Lorne's situation to help ease Fred's mind. To get past the guards at Lorne's door, Gunn has Fred dress as one of the Lornettes. Lorne takes a minute to recognize her, but he's grateful to see her and that they finally came to rescue him. He informs her that Lee DeMarco is blackmailing him for his psychic abilities.

Desperate for more quarters, Vivian walks in a trance-like state across the casino's driveway and is nearly run over by a taxi, but Angel rescues her. He sneaks into the special Spin to Win game area. Lee hands him a chip, which Angel tosses away, but it slides onto the table and when the house wins, Angel loses his destiny. He's given a cup of quarters and sent out to the casino to play. Fred runs from Lorne's room and hysterically convinces the guards outside to go into the room. Lorne manages to escape and the three run out into the casino to find Angel. They find him shoving quarters into a slot machines in a zombie-like state and ask him to pose a distraction while they get Lorne out. Angel's too entranced with his gambling to comprehend the plan. DeMarco is pleased when he receives information that Angel is a souled vampire, realizing Angel's destiny will be profitable.

While fleeing security, Lorne confesses he tells Lee about the people with bright futures, so that they can be lured into the Spin and Win game. Their destinies are sucked into the chip they play and later sold on the black market. Guards spot them; to pose a distraction, Lorne sings a high-pitch noise into a microphone. After they escaped, Gunn angrily assumes that Lorne told Lee about Angel. Lorne corrects him by revealing that he's being blackmailed and if he refuses to cooperate, people will be killed. When Gunn realizes that Angel's destiny has been taken away, he runs back to the casino, finding him at one of the slot machines. As Spencer arrives with Lorne and Fred held in the custody of his security guards, Angel resumes gambling. The rest of the group is brought into the back room, where Lee orders Fred and Gunn killed and Lorne to return to his work. Meanwhile, Cordelia wonders from high how she can save her friends. Somehow, she manipulates Angel's slot machine to win a jackpot so he can be brought into the back room with the others. Lee is angered that someone actually won but Angel doesn't have an explanation for his winning.

When one of the men pulls a gun on Fred, it brings out the demon in Angel. He starts to beat up on Lee's men, and during the distraction Lorne smashes the glass ball holding the chips, causing all of the destinies to return to their rightful bodies. Back in L.A., the gang is glad to be home, although Angel questions what caused his jackpot winning at the casino. As they head inside the hotel, they freeze when they see Cordelia standing in the middle of the lobby. She doesn't know who they are.

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