Recap Angel: Season 4, Episode 5 - Supersymmetry

Fred's article on superstring theory is published in an academic journal, and she is asked to present it at a physics symposium by her old college professor Seidel. Her presentation takes a sudden turn when a dimensional portal opens and snake-like creatures emerge to kill her. Angel had spied Lilah during the speech and at first thinks she is behind it, but she was simply keeping an eye on Wesley. Gunn and Angel suspect another member of the audience, a comic book fanatic, but it turns out he's just following stories of strange disappearances, as well as reading about Angel on internet forums. Fred learns that Professor Seidel is the one responsible and the one who had sent Fred into the Pylea dimension six years earlier. He felt Fred as well as other missing colleagues were competing for his job. Against Angel and Gunn's advice, Fred pursues vengeance against her former mentor and asks for Wesley's help. Meanwhile, Cordelia is staying with Connor at his vast empty loft. He trains her to slay vampires while a possible romance between them blossoms. Angel confronts Seidel but is attacked by a demon, and then Fred's revenge goes awry when Gunn unexpectedly kills the man. The two keep it a secret from the rest. Cordelia asks Angel whether or not they were ever in love.

Source: Wikipedia

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