Heroes Season 4, Episode 4: "Acceptance" - Recap

In this episode of Heroes, Nathan struggles to remember his past, but when he finally does, the memories aren't so pleasant. Meanwhile, Hiro continues to work on his bucket list, HRG gets a pep talk from Claire, and Tracy realizes she doesn't necessarily have the same goals as she did before her splashy transformation. Plus: Someone takes two bullets to the chest and another character is reborn. Let's get to it.

Hiro's Groundhog Day

Thanks to Hiro's meddling in the past, Ando's getting married! To cap off the big day, Hiro's sister, Kimiko, asks her brother to give her away. Hiro agrees, but Ando is worried that Hiro won't be alive for the wedding, which is a year away. He tells Hiro to tell Kimiko the truth, but Hiro has bigger things to worry about: While fine-tuning his bucket list, the Dial-a-Hero line rings, and Hiro heads up to the roof to stop a suicidal colleague from jumping off the roof.

Turns out Tadashi has dishonored his family by being fired after making copies of his butt on the company Xerox machine. When Hiro can't talk Tadashi off the ledge, he decides to go back in time and prevent Tadashi from ever embarrassing himself. And he does it 47 times! Hiro ultimately decides that Tadashi was unhappy in his job and was looking for ways to get fired, thus why Hiro could never prevent the suicide. Hiro inspires Tadashi to do what he loves and accept his life for what it is. Tadashi is pleased to have a new friend, and decides to move on with his life.

Hiro follows his own advice and finally tells Kimiko the truth about his powers and the illness they have caused. Their tearful exchange is interrupted, however, when Hiro grabs his head in pain. It passes for a moment, but then Hiro vanishes just like he did in the premiere. It seems the more he uses his power, the more he loses control over it.

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