House Season 6, Episode 3: "The Tyrant" - Recap

On this week's episode of House, James Earl Jones guest-stars as a merciless African dictator who is brought to Princeton-Plainsboro after falling ill. The team must decide if they should help him, despite his crimes against humanity. Meanwhile, Wilson wants to end a feud with a neighbor, but a prying House gets in the way.

At the start of the episode, we meet this week's patient, President Dibala, who is served a civil subpoena for genocide, crimes against humanity and torture. But within seconds of receiving the documents, he begins to vomit blood everywhere and is brought to Princeton-Plainsboro. We soon learn that Dibala is a merciless African leader. Cameron and Chase are called in to temporarily help in the absence of Taub and Thirteen, but Cameron is reluctant to help one of the most repressive dictators in the world.

The Old Team Reunites

Foreman, Chase and Cameron walk into their think-tank room to find House sitting there reading Dibala's file. House delivers the best line of the night: "Oh my God, it's three years ago. Does that mean I'm still crazy?" He tells Foreman he's still in charge, but is just there to lend a hand. Of course, he chimes in when Foreman jumps to the malaria conclusion.

The two go to see Cuddy, and Foreman is pissed House is back considering he just fired his girlfriend when he thought he was going to be boss. Cuddy says House can't take charge since he doesn't have his license, but she still wants him involved.

Foreman goes running to Thirteen's apartment with his tail between his legs and offers her back her job. And, of course, she shuts the door in his face. She does, however, come around when he uses his pull to get her an interview at another hospital and the two have dinner. But Foreman puts his foot in his mouth yet again when he says if given a redo on the situation, he'd still make the same decision (as opposed to step aside himself). He's really good at this game.

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