LEGEND OF THE SEEKER "Tears" Season 2 Episode 22 (Finale) - Preview

Check out a preview for LEGEND OF THE SEEKER Season 2 Episode 22 "Tears" ( Season Finale) which will air the weekend of May 22, 2010. To find your local channel go to the Legend of the Seeker website. And for those not ready to say goodbye to the show, a campaign to save Legend of the Seeker is currently ongoing over at saveourseeker.com.

Synopsis: Richard (CRAIG HORNER), separated from his companions, continues in his quest to defeat the Keeper once and for all. With the Stone of Tears in hand, he reaches the Pillars of Creation in an attempt to seal the many rifts opening to the Underworld, but soon comes face to face with his greatest enemy. Meanwhile, Kahlan (BRIDGET REGAN) falls under the control of the omnipotent Sister Nicci, who sends the Mother Confessor on a mission of destruction.

Check out the preview below.

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May 23, 2010 7:59AM EDT

What an explosive ending to a long battle!!!!
This episode was really good and brought back some old liked characters (sister Niki). A improvement for the next season would be that Kalhan learns to go in and out of the condor state which then developes her characters powers and gives them sometimes a bigger advantage. Secondly Kara recieves a new gift (power) which makes her even more of a valued team member but increases her characters fighting ability as the next challenges and enemy is even stronger etc Thirdly Richard needs to learn how to use the sword better and in turn not only see the sword deflect magic but being able to do one or two other things too plus they should gain a new travel companion even if this person is only around for 6 consectutive episodes. Finaily the old character Zed should kinda explain this "wisord of the first order" showing off much more of his powers plus possibly training an apprentice (this could be the new travel companion)!!!! These only but a few suggestions BUT WHAT YOU ALL THINK ??

Default avatar cat
May 23, 2010 7:06PM EDT

as long as there was a happy ending in the series finale im happy

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