Four Things to Expect in the Season 5 Finale of 'How I Met Your Mother'

In the fourth season ender of How I Met Your Mother, Barney and Robin took center stage as they acknowledged their feelings towards each other and finally hooked up, while Ted landed an architectural teaching job and inched closer to meeting his future wife. This season, the focus of the finale will be completely different as the show puts the spotlight on Lily, Marshall and Robin.

Warning: Spoilers about the fifth season ender of How I Met Your Mother are revealed after the jump.

Robin: Though it's been revealed that Robin and her co-worker Don have been dating for some time now, Don hasn't exactly been visible since their first date. That will all change pretty soon, specifically in the big season finale where some "bad stuff" goes down with Don and Robin's portrayer, Cobie Smulders, tells CoolTVProps that "he may not be with us for much longer."

Maybe Baby: Having already reached the 100th landmark episode, it's only fitting that everyone's favorite married couple, Marshall and Lily, also take a big step in their relationship. And at this point, "it makes sense for Marshall and Lily, who've been together something like 14 be really considering that next rite of passage," according to co-creator Craig Thomas.

"It's a great place to end [this fifth year] I think," Thomas tells Zap2it of Marshall and Lily possibly getting pregnant. "And it feels kind of fun to wrap up the season by putting the focus on Lily and Marshall and what's coming for them."

The Love Triangle: As reported previously, two people will be reuniting on How I Met Your Mother this season, sparking discussions on whether Robin will get back with Ted or rekindle her affair with Barney. Thomas, who teases to Zap2it that this love triangle will unfold in the finale, can only say this: "All I'll say is, you know, we have a little bit of a triangle on the show. Both Barney and Ted have dated Robin and both were in love with her, so we have a fun moment toward the end of our season where that is acknowledged and explored."

The Doppelganger: So far How I Met Your Mother fans have already seen Lesbian Robin, Mustache Marshall and Stripper Lily. But before the fifth season concludes, fans will see Ted's look-alike too.

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