Review: Nip/Tuck - Willow Banks Season 7, Episode 2

Imperfection. Though it's something that Nip/Tuck has tried to buck since its inception, and despite the claims of Drs. McNamara and Troy being able to make you perfect, the notion of imperfection has, in a way, always been the core issue of this show. But just like the surgeries performed week in and out, there are layers upon layers that make up the idea of perfection vs. imperfection and, more importantly, how different people perceive that battle.

This week's episode of Nip/Tuck tackled that issue in what was arguably one of the most nuanced and, yes, layered, episodes in the series yet. Considering that we're in the midst of Nip/Tuck's swan song, "Willow Banks" might very well turn out to be one of the show's most important installments when we finally have the opportunity to look back on the series as a whole.

While I complained last week that it was annoying more often than not when the patient's struggles so closely mirrored the struggles of the main characters, I gave it a pass because Dan Daly's story (and how it related to Sean and Christian) was done so well. Again, this week, that complaint needs to take a backseat as it seems that those parallels are going to be necessary to the narrative in these final episodes. Rupert Kenny (Huff's Andy Comeau) and Willow Banks' (Chuck's Mini Anden) individual stories brought about one of the best character studies we've seen yet in Sean and Christian.

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