Dancers Rule on 'America's Got Talent'

I don't really know if we can put all the ruckus from last week's dog-over-singer fiasco behind us, but that's last week. But after watching tonight's episode, there just might be hope on America's Got Talent, but it's not with the judges, but the acts. And the dancers shone on tonight's show brighter than any frisbee-catching dog act will.

Yes, it was the dancers' night tonight on America's Got Talent. Right off the bat, Illinois dance group Footworkingz blew the living daylights out of me and the viewers and the judges. While I tried to ignore host Nick Cannon's pronouncing the -s on Illinois, Footworkingz donned cool black-light shoes that totally worked and accentuated their, well, foot work. In the introduction, they did say something about achieving a certain number of movements in 60 seconds (or thereabouts). And they sure walked the talk, so to speak - their dance steps were almost lighting quick but still not losing the synchronicity.

Doing a Piers Morgan, it'd be a great scandal if they don't make it.

The other dancers on last night's America's Got Talent were also pretty impressive. Hairo Torres did whatever little he could to make his solo act interesting. "Jerry Lewis on acid" had a nerd thing going on with a bunch of backup dancers. I like the fact that he didn't limit his performance on dancing, but instead had a full act, complete with a storyline and a surprisingly amusing ending that included a split and faking that you hit your balls.

Lastly, the Pixie Mystere are cute. I don't think there's any debate to that. However, I think I heard an awkward split-second silence when David Hasselhoff said something about the girls going to school in Las Vegas - most probably because there's just something inherently wrong in putting the words young girls and Las Vegas in a single sentence. Nevertheless, the girls are amazing! Doing those back tucks and back handsprings are not easy.

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