'The Forgotten' review: Utterly forgettable

In August, when Fox's President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly was asked about NBC's decision to program Jay Leno at 10 o'clock five nights a week -- an hour that FOX has never programmed -- Reilly graciously said that the peacock network would have some success with the move. Partially due to Leno's fan base and partially because "on certain nights he's not up against very tough competition."

Tuesday is one of those nights. CBS' new drama "The Good Wife" is getting good reviews, but ABC's "The Forgotten (TV)" is utterly forgettable.

Straight from the Jerry Bruckheimer crime drama blender, Christian Slater stars as the leader of a group of "civilian volunteers" who step in when police are unable to identify bodies. Because there's nothing more noble -- and easy -- to do in one's spare time than to solve cases that have trained law enforcement officials stumped.

Full of slogans like "Without 'who is it?' there's no 'whodunit?" and a cast of characters that ranges from a bored paper pusher to a could-cause-more-harm-than-good telephone repairman to a "Hey, we could really use someone with your skills" med-student-turned-sculptor-turned-200-hours-of-community-service-fulfiller, viewers will find themselves knowing exactly what's going to come next ... over and over and over again.

"the forgotten" premieres Tuesday, Sept. 23 on ABC.

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