Cady McClain returning to All My Children

Daytime soaps have always had a sketchy history when it comes to life and death. In short, like science fiction and fantasy, death is not a finality. Soap characters can return from the dead, not really have been dead at all, reappear as missing twins, turn out to have been victim of a coffin switch, and if all else fails, death become a way to bring a character back as a ghost or guardian angel. All that is part of Soaps 101, a college course taught at most universities today, I believe.

That was a long introduction to reveal that fan fave and multiple Emmy winner Cady McClain is returning to All My Children. Cady was more recently on As the World Turns as Rosanna, but left about a month ago when her story line wrapped. That means she was free to sign up with another soap and ABC came a callin' for the actress.

Now, just to be clear, Cady is coming back to Pine Valley as Dixie Cooney Martin, the love of Tad's life. According to all the action on the show, Dixie is dead. She died in 2007, the victim of the Satin Slayer. She collapsed after eating peanut butter pancakes laced with poison. Tad was with her at the end. (Yes, yes, peanut butter pancakes! I don't make this stuff up.)

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