'90210': Teddy's yacht party

Last night on "90210," I spend a lot of time shouting, "You go, Annie!" Oh, and Silver sucks.

Annie's Smirking Revenge

Annie gets grounded by her parents for the topless picture, which seemed excessive to me. She also gets "slut" graffitied on her locker. Did she score a 14 on the purity test like Veronica? Her revenge is to confront Naomi. The first go-round, Silver and Ade totally believe Naomi like the little Heathers they are now.

The second go-round, on Teddy's yacht, goes a little better, with Annie confronting Naomi with Skeazy Mark and then confessing to Naomi (with Liam standing there) that she and Liam were actually sleeping together the whole time and used to cuddle and make fun of her and how everybody who loves Naomi loves Annie more. YOU GO, ANNIE! Also, Annie made a deal with Mark so he'd help her and we don't know what her end of the bargain is. Uh oh.

Silver & Naomi

Silver decides that even though what Naomi did was gross, after how "cruel" Annie was to Naomi she can't really blame her. UM, WHAT? WTF SILVER!!! Sending a topless text is SO far beyond the pale even if Annie DID sleep with Liam. If a girl did that to ME in high school... forget cruel. I'd only need a .45 and a shovel. I doubt anybody would miss her.

They bond like the Sisterhood of the Cuckoo Pants and it's pretty barf-worthy. I expect better from you, SILVER.

Dixon & Sasha Fierce

Dixon meets a hot baseball-loving DJing chick who is also like 25, so what does he do? Pretends to be a music executive who drives a lambourghini. As one does. When Sasha shows up to DJ Teddy's yacht party, he says he's old friends of the Montgomerys and in the end they jet off to Napa in Navid's lambourghini. This should end well. Never trust a big butt and a smile, Dixon.

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Sep 28, 2009 7:50PM EDT

hahaha!!!!yeaaa....sure sending out a nude pic is bad...but im sorry to say but im sure there are a tons of ppl out there who loved what was being thrown at annie's way...after all...she wasn't voted as one of the most hated characters on tv for nothing!...annie is just annoying n irritating who needs to get over the whole"ohh nobody loves me so im going to turn into a bad girl mode now"!!!..n besides if your going to hit n run someone...you should've thought beforehand about the aftermath of guilt trips ur going to have to deal with!!!...so yeah.im all for team naomi!!!..n besides she looks better while "bringing it on" than annie!!!...n whereas dixon is concerned ....hahah..i totally agree with the last lines you wrote!!...he should know better!!!....n im still wondering whats the deal with the teddy kid!?!...would love to see how he would contribute to the whole series!!should be interesting!!!..n btw...jen is pure evil...not naomi!!!=)

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