'Big Brother 11' Feed Update: July 21

Something really worth watching has finally happened on Big Brother 11: a mutiny! The other HGS have finally seen through all the nerd's lies and soon banded together to revolt against the current HoH Ronnie. You can't help but applaud the hamsters for sticking up for themselves and rebelling.

Let's see Big Brother history unfold. Trying to take herself off the block, Laura becomes the catalyst for chaos when she starts campaigning for Russell's vote. They end up bashing Jessie for being too "star-struck" and talking about how he lied to Ronnie.

It seemed as though Russell is truly turning his back on his alliance, NBK, especially since he was infuriated by Jessie. The Lovemuscle speaks to Jeff about it later on, and the two are on the same page at last. They've noticed how Natalie is always kissing up to Jessie and how Ronnie is doing all of Jessie's dirty deeds.

Meanwhile, Laura gets personal with Ronnie by trying to make a deal. "I think I could be a better ally to you than Jordan," she declares. She also promises not to come after Ronnie and later sells out her alliance. It would definitely break up Jeff and Jordan once the other Popular girl is sent home. "Jeff is playing this game personally, and I think he'll go after you," Laura tells Ronnie.

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