'Bones' Season 5, Episode 17: Morticia, the Creepy Girl - Recap

Last night's episode of Bones, "The Death of the Queen Bee," centered on a murder at Brennan's old high school, Burtonsville High, prompting her to return to the place that gave her so many unpleasant memories and reunite with all of the people she tried so desperately to forget.

Although I'm still completely hung up on that pivotal 100th episode from last week, I do have to say that this was still a very good episode. The music was great, and I really don't think anyone can play creepy better than Robert Englund. I mean, it's Freddy Kruger himself ladies and gentlemen. Someone needs to give that guy a pat on the back because he creeped me out the entire episode.

Speaking of the 100th episode, I was wondering at the start of this episode what the relationship between Booth and Brennan was going to be like. Was it going to be awkward? Would they talk about what happened? Why, yes, in fact, they kind of did.

Sweets first brings it up to Booth when asking him via webcam if he and Brennan, away from D.C. and the Jeffersonian in Illinois, are in the same motel and if that would be an issue for him given his feelings for Brennan. Booth proceeds to tell Sweets that he is fine and assures him that he has moved on. He even has a date set up for next week.

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