The Real World: Cancun,Episode 5: "Nobody Likes You!" - Preview

We already know that some of the guys on the Real World: Cancun house are not exactly fond of Ayiiia. But just in case you still have some doubts, tonight's episode "Nobody Likes You!" should set the record straight once and for all.

Tonight, CJ and Joey have it out with Ayiiia. "You know what, no one likes you," CJ screams at Ayiiia on the pool. Cut to Joey, who tells the camera, "I am happy that CJ is yelling at Ayiiia because he's been wanting to let out for the whole time. And not only am I happy I'm joining in because I have some things to say, too."

Meanwhile, trying to look unaffected and cool with all the angry sentiments from the two boys, Ayiiia continues acting nonchalantly, telling CJ, if a little annoyingly, "I'm chilling. You guys are going crazy. Go ahead. Do your thing," Eventually, even she gets fed up with all the attention (maybe) and goes out of the pool and comes face to face with the boys.

On the last episode of The Real World: Cancun, it was Derek's birthday and he surely celebrated with a bang, at some point, ending up barely being able to stand up in a bus station. The birthday boy also met someone he really liked. Only there are complications, first that he's in Cancun via Student City meaning he's off limits, and lastly he's leaving in a few days so that's really sad.

Elsewhere on that episode, Joey had to head home because of some devastating news, but in the same episode, he was able to bring someone home and he looked pretty happy with her - if she doesn't get too close, that is.

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