Recap: "Divorce Party"

This episode of CSI: Miami opens with a lighter tone and ends with the heaviest of subjects. And Kyle and Julia are back - is it to stay this time?

"Welcome to Amy's divorce party!" Glen Wagner declares. The opening is set to the tune of Beyonce's "Single Ladies", as Amy Lansing gets unmarried in this mock ceremony, where she promises to live and love life without her ex. Everything is all fun and games until during the ceremony, her ex Roger falls through the ceiling of the gazebo with a rope around his neck.

Calleigh questions Glen Wagner, Amy's best friend, when a board from the gazebo falls on Dr. Price. She's hurt, but it allows her to walk away before the whole structure comes crashing down around her. Calleigh finds a 20-foot long piece of fishing wire attached to the mechanism that triggered the trap door in the roof that Roger fell through.

Meanwhile, Julia and Kyle are back, and Kyle's behind the wheel, driving as fast as he can to get his mom (who is clearly under the influence of something) to an interview. Kyle gets pulled over and Julia's passed out. When Horatio talks to them in the station, she says she can take care of him, and Horatio offers to help her. Horatio "hires" Kyle as an intern to help out Dr. Price in the morgue, presumably so he can see the consequences of his reckless actions, as his first victim died in a car crash.

Glen's DNA is found on the fishing wire, but he says while he did pull the cord, it was intended for an effigy hanging and that someone must have replaced the dummy with the real thing.

Kyle helps out Dr. Price with Roger's autopsy, and Eric is in the lab where Travers determines Roger was chloroformed before he was hung. Ryan and another lab tech are looking at a compilation of pics from the party to see if anything is out of place. The closest thing found is the Lansing's son, Heath. Tripp and Natalia question him, and he says he was disgusted by his mom's party and felt bad for his dad. He claimed he didn't know where his dad worked - that it was for the government and that the whole thing was always very secretive. Via the IRS, Tripp and Calleigh track Roger's business to a makeshift day-trading office. They also track down Roger's business partner, Trent Faber, to question him.

Instead, they find Trent's wife (played by The O.C.'s Kelly Rowen) and daughter (played by Friday Night Lights' Aimee Teegarden). They use Katherine Faber's phone to call her husband, but instead, Kyle picks up the phone in the morgue. Eventually everyone puts two and two together, discovering the dead man was leading a double life: Trent is really Roger. Calleigh implies to Mrs. Faber that she may have had motive to kill him if she found out about his double life. She says they found plant fertilizer on his noose. (She had been gardening when they approached her house looking for Trent.) Eric is in the other room questioning Amy Lansing for the same reasons.

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