Recap: Tuesday, March, 31, 2009

Two new dances mean two celebrities get the boot this week on Dancing with the Stars, while Kevin Rudolf and Boyz II Men take the stage. So who, uh, reached the end of the road?

How is this going to work this week? Bottom four? Bottom three? Is there going to be a dance-off? I'm so confused. Anyhow, time for another recap of Monday night. Chuck will give Bruno a crispy pizza in exchange for an eight or a nine. It doesn't really work that way, hon. LT's disappointed and bitter. Holly apologizes for falling off the stool. Dmitry says it's OK... except that it's not... because he's lying. Cheryl's hitting on Gilles, or something to that effect.

And now for a nice treat: The encore is back - featuring, duh, Gilles and Cheryl. Does this mean there's no dance-off? Yes! Tom tells us there's no dance-off tonight since it's a double axing. Thank God. I don't need to see Holly fall and actually break a rib.

First two safe couples:

Gilles & Cheryl

Lawrence & Edyta

First couple in bottom 3:

Holly & Dmitry

After a rave featuring Kevin Rudolf and the pro gals in their best pleather dominatrix gear (it's either that or GLAD bags), Samantha grills LT on his frustration with the dances and scores. Apparently Edyta didn't get the dial-down-the-pep memo because if it weren't for her, you'd think he was in danger of leaving. Try to enjoy it, dude. Elsewhere, Bruno the Oompa Loompa does something naughty. Maybe he got his crispy pizza? I don't know what that means.

Another safe couple:

Shawn & Mark

Next week, half of the couples will dance the Viennese waltz, which apparently we need a refresher for (courtesy of Louis van Amstel) even though we've seen it for three straight seasons already. Hey, how about you show me the rumba you've featured since forever? At least Cloris is nowhere near the premises.

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