'The Vampire Diaries' Review: Uncle John's Secrets Episode 17

If there's one thing The Vampire Diaries has thought us, it's that Mystic Falls is a town rich in secrets. This week, everyone seems to be hiding something from someone, whether it's Elena concealing the truth about Vicki's death to Jeremy, Stefan denying his monster of a drinking problem to his girlfriend and brother Damon or Uncle John Gilbert, who remains to be one big question mark.

Stefan's Addiction

"Under Control" opens with a shirtless Stefan working out to loud music which annoys Damon and you can immediately tell that something's not right. Thanks to his insatiable thirst for human blood, we see a different side of Stefan and it almost feels like an alternate universe. He's fun, he's outgoing and most of all he's drunk. Though Stefan tells Elena that he's fine, we all know he's not because he keeps on going into vamp mode whenever he makes out with Elena and even goes on a drinking spree at the Founder's Day party where he almost sucked Kelly's bloody forehead and nearly fed on a stranger. While Stefan's addiction clearly serves a roadblock in his relationship with Elena, there's an upside to all this. First of all, drunk Stefan is always more interesting to watch than sober Stefan. Second, it's nice to see Damon showing concern for his brother. And last but not the least, this brings Elena a lot closer to Damon.

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