SPOOKS Series 9 Episode 2 Review

Episode 9.02 of SPOOKS finds the team trying to track down two gunmen who killed a group of businessmen in a lift. The catch? One of the survivors is none other than Beth, now part of the team and in the lift to track down an assassin. Whoever attacked the lift wanted the assassin dead - which means the initial target, an oil tycoon, may now be the man behind the murders.

After a twisting, turning plot, which divides the episode into three viewpoints - that of Lucas, Beth and the assassin himself - the team eventually find out who everyone involved is and what theyâ??re up to. The awkward businessman theyâ??re keeping safe is actually the assassin, Beth once worked as an arms dealer in Colombia, and the two gunmen were Colombians sent there to kill her.

The rest of the team only discover this after Beth and the assassin has killed them and dumped the bodies, however. Harry is most displeased. But Lucas asks Harry for trust, an A grade security clearance and the power to choose his own team. Harry seems happy with this, but he probably shouldnâ??t be.

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