Recap: 8:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.

As the White House invasion is resolved and before this hour even hits its first break, we bid farewell to one of 24's longest-running characters, who goes out in a literal blaze of glory.

But first there is the statement General Juma is forcing President Taylor to recite while the whole world watches. Taylor tries to demand Juma release the hostages in a show of good faith - and the General actually seems to be extending an olive branch when he offers to release one person. Then he promptly shoots that hostage in the head and tells Taylor her daughter will be next. The President immediately begins reading a statement in which she brands her country a "tyrant state" for its invasion of Sengala.

As spineless Vice President Mitchell Hayworth (Cameron Daddo) continues to refuse authorizing a White House rescue op until he gets more intel, Jack and Bill hatch a plan for the former to create an explosive diversion while the latter gets the President to safety. But before Jack can create that diversion, Bill takes the shot himself, firing into a grouping of C4 charges and triggering a massive explosion.

In the chaos and confusion that follows, Jack and Aaron leap into action, acquire automatic weapons and take out a number of Juma's men - as well as the General himself. On the outside, Larry pulls a Jack, defying the Vice President's direct order and launching an assault on the White House.

When the smoke clears, the hostages, including President Taylor and her daughter, are safe. But Bill, a fan favorite and staple of the show since Day 4 (played by James Morrison) - has died to make that happen. And so another weight is added to Jack's already heavy conscience. "It was supposed to be me," he tells Renee, sounding like he really does wish he were dead.

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