Recap: "Week 13"

This week is full of past Biggest Loser contestants. When the players enter the gym, there are season five winner Ali Vincent - still skinny and buff. Ali announces that after the last elimination, Alison Sweeney had her baby. But that isn't the only big news of the day. Just as Ali was an eliminated competitor who was able to return to the ranch during her season, someone would be getting that chance this year as well. In walks Nicole, Estella and David who never got the opportunity to come back as their partners were eliminated early on in the game. Nicole looks fabulous, Estella also looks great (especially when we see her "week 1" flashback) and David, well, looks like he's had a tougher time keeping it up at home. The three weigh-in:

Estella- from 242lbs to 197lbs, she's lost 45lbs, 18.6 percent.

David- from 393lbs to 347lbs, he's lost 46lbs, 11.7 percent.

Nicole- from 269lbs to 182lbs, she's lost 87lbs, 32.34 percent.

Nicole gets back in the house, gains immunity for the week, and everyone is worried. 87 pounds lost at home is a pretty big feat, and at 11:04 pm, she's already hitting the gym only to go for a walk at 7:30 am the next morning. During her early morning stroll she encounters a very chatty Tara, and I'm sure all Nicole is thinking is, "Please just leave me be." She returns to the house where Bob sees her for the first time and is stunned - so stunned he even screams out an expletive. Tara, meanwhile, expresses her concern to Jillian as Nicole is now right behind her at number two in terms of progress. She also gets emotional when she tells Jillian she wants to focus on herself and figure out why she gained over 100 pounds in a year and a half because she's scared that she'll go home and do it again. They hug it out and return to workout. Ron has some more serious issues of his own. He feels chest pain so the medic sends him to Dr. H at the hospital. There he finds out he has bleeding ulcers caused by the gastric bypass he had done in his 40's. He'll need medication but can safely return to the ranch.

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