Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 6, Episode 20 - Catch-22

Pacey is riding high at work as his profits soar thanks to his connection with the biotech firm. Dawson calls him and tells him he wants out, but Pacey convinces him to give him a few more days. Dawson agrees.

Pacey finally asks out - and ends up sleeping with - his pretty reporter. Pillow talk reveals that she has a boyfriend, but Pacey shrugs it off.

Later, he comes into the office to find that the biotech stock has tanked and he has lost everything - as well as big bucks of his clients' money - and all of Dawson's. He talks to the reporter about it, but she is no help and admits that her boyfriend is really a fiancé.

Pacey goes to Rich and asks him to front him the money to pay back Dawson. Rick refuses and gets cruel calling Pacey a loser. Pacey loses it and attacks him. They grapple and eventually it ends with Rick firing him.

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