Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 6, Episode 21 - Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Dawson finds Pacey outside his house and brings him in to show him his newly transformed room. It's exactly as it was in season one. Pacey works up to telling Dawson about his stock losses, but as Dawson tells him how he has maxed out three credit cards to pay for the film, thanks him and offers him an associate production credit, Pacey chickens out.

Back in Boston, Joey and Audrey share a heartfelt goodbye. Joey heads to Capeside, where she finds Dawson's latest script waiting for her on her front steps.

At Grams', Jen's mother Helen arrives at the invitation of Jen. Grams is angry until Jen tells her she didn't tell Helen about the cancer. After convincing Jack to come to dinner, he and C.J. chat awkwardly with Helen - who is not clear on which guy is which. Before Grams can make any announcements, C.J.'s uncle storms in and in an attempt to show Grams how much he cares about her, spills the beans. Before anyone can freak, Jen takes charge. She tells everyone that she cannot help Grams on her own, that is why they are moving in with Helen in New York. They sputter, but acquiesce when Jen makes it clear that it is going to happen. Later, she and Jack talk; and Grams comes in and tells him, much to his surprise, that he is part of the plan. She wants him - as a part of her family - to go with them to New York. He agrees.

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