Glee Episode 7: "Throwdown" - Recap

In "Throwdown," Will and Sue split up the glee club, as the cheerios coach tries to divide and conquer. Rachel attempts to keep Quinn's pregnancy from going public while Terri tries to keep Will from finding out she actually doesn't have a bun in the oven. Let's get started, shall we?

Hell has frozen over. Sue Sylvester is part of the glee club. She starts her reign off right, with a huge smackdown on Will. He's turning into Sue, joining in on the screaming fest.

Flashing back to a few days before, Principal Figgins calls Sue and Will into his office to find out how the glee club is doing. They both lie through their teeth saying it's going well. Figgins wants to make sure one leader is not trying to gain favor in the club over the other. Will already tried that by asking glee what they'd like to sing for a change. Also, the principal wants to make sure neither is pitting the kids against each other. That, of course, is Sue's department, using the cheerios as spies. Sue plans to make the group as toxic as possible, so no one will want to be in it.

The meeting concludes with a hug after Will and Sue decide that they're each going to direct one piece for sectionals. Unfortunately, it's a very mean-spirited hug. "I'm about to vomit down your back," says Sue.

Over at the doctor's office, Quinn and Finn find out their bundle of joy is a girl. However, Quinn still hasn't decided what will happen with their little girl once she's born. Finn tells Will the news, but he's worried about what will ultimately happen to their child. He doesn't want to give her up for adoption. Another thing Q & F will soon have to worry about? Our favorite nerdy gossip monger, Jacob, tells Rachel he's going to reveal Quinn's pregnancy.

At Glee, Sue and Will flip a coin to decide who will go first at sectionals. Sneaky Sue gives Will a double-headed coin, ensuring she goes first. One point Sue-Will zero. Sue announces the special elite glee club called "Sue's Kids." She chooses the minority students, so it looks like Will has kept them out of his group. Sue two-Will zero.

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